Energy Flash Report - Daily natural gas use and demand changes, integrated with newest leading weather forecasts. Includes gas price forecasts and significant industry developments. Free 10-day trial.

Energy Risk Report - Procurement recommendations to assist commercial, industrial and institutional power consumers with optimizing their timing of electricity and natural gas purchases. Delivered in easy-to-read monthly reports about ISO and national markets. More.

Market Quick Takes - Weekly snapshot of critical natural gas, oil, and power market developments and price shifts – a cheat sheet for traders, producers, buyers and investors. Issued before markets open on Mondays. Try free.

Energy Market Outlook - Our fundamentals-based, in-depth analysis of natural gas and oil markets, with near- and mid-term price forecasts, regulatory updates and geopolitical implications. Published weekly. Free trial.


Led by energy attorney and FERC expert Andy Weissman, we understand the far-reaching implications on energy prices of state and federal regulatory changes.

Energy Market Training - We educate industry professionals wishing to better understand electricity and natural gas markets, drivers influencing price moves, capacity market reforms and other key catalysts – including changing FERC and ISO rules, fuel and generation mix, infrastructure and regional fuel security.

Our trainings are available at novice or advanced levels, and offered in select US cities or tailored to your business on your campus.

Newest schedule of PJM, ISO-NE and NYISO conferences.

Consulting Services - EBW Analytics is proud to have been providing strategic advice to leading firms in the energy sector since 2003. We have helped transform state and federal energy and environmental policy, expand access to the grid, increase competition in wholesale and retail electricity markets, and ensure rate recovery for major capital expenditures for environmental compliance for Fortune 500 companies.


EBW AnalyticsGroup offers a range of products and services for large electricity and natural gas consumers, electricity brokers and aggregators, retail electrical suppliers, natural gas traders, natural gas and oil producers, electrical utilities and co-ops, power plant owners, hedge funds, attorneys and distressed debt investors. To learn more about how we could help you, please complete the form below.

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"Andy Weissman's grasp of the fundamentals and how they impact markets and business is beyond compare. His market and production forecasts are spot on."  – Phil Flynn | Fox Business News Contributor

"Indispensable for every substantial consumer or producer of energy, or for any investment manager who wants an industry insider’s take on the market."  – Aubrey K. McClendon | Founder, Chesapeake Energy

"Fantastic insights." – Juan Pablo del Valle | Chairman, Mexichem

"The depth of EBW's knowledge regarding each facet of the natural gas and power markets is invaluable and unrivaled." – Oscar Schafer | Member, Barron's Roundtable

"The best example of the use of web-based technologies for accurate assessment of energy market risks." – Dr. Vince Kaminski | Capital Markets Consultant

"Andy Weissman truly understands the rapidly changing dynamics of natural gas and power markets." – Matthew R. Simmons | Author, Energy Industry Investment Banker, and Former U.S. Energy Advisor

"We highly value and applaud EBW's insights and perspectives." – Mark Harmata | EVP of Energy Management, Praxair USA

"Incisive and accurate." – Tom L. Ward | Founder, SandRidge Energy

"No other analyst has called it right as often as Andy Weissman." – John Sodergreen | Editor-in-Chief, Energy Metro Desk