Institutional-Quality Intelligence

Energy Risk Report – the only publication with specific procurement recommendations designed to assist large energy users with optimizing timing of electricity and natural gas purchases.:

  • detailed price forecasts and analysis through 2020
  • risk alerts and buying recommendations
  • national electricity overview
  • regional electricity reports on the six major ISOs in the country
  • national natural gas summary
  • special reports on impacts of changing federal energy regulations and restrictions
  • by energy markets expert Andy Weissman

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For Electricity Brokers and Users

Don't miss major market moves. Get the most up-to-date and in-depth analysis available, provided each month by our expert and experienced cross-disciplinary team of energy and policy specialists, economists, and meteorologists.

The Report is delivered in four issues every month: 

  1. The National Issue, with market highlights; implications of weather on prices; electricity and natural gas purchasing recommendations; analyses of new power plant restrictions, seasonal trends, and developing geopolitical impacts.
  2. MISO and ISO-NE
  3. ERCOT and CAISO
  4. PJM and NYISO