Independent cutting-edge analysis of global energy markets by senior industry experts.


Led by national energy expert Andy Weissman, EBW has been providing independent and cutting-edge analysis of global energy markets since 2003. Download Andy Weissman bio (PDF).

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Our advisory services are expert in:

  • state and federal energy and environmental policy

  • competition in electricity markets and access to the transmission grid

  • financing mechanisms for large energy projects

  • FERC and state PUC regulatory proceedings

  • impacts of enforcement – and withdrawal – of environmental federal and state regulations

  • effects of coal and nuclear retirements on energy costs and the generation mix

Our approach is solution-focused and based on sound methodologies, with the aim of developing strategic, long-term client relationships.

EBW enables businesses to address specific, long term challenges through providing robust proprietary data, on-the-ground expertise, and strategic insight across global energy markets.

We can support you throughout the budgeting process from historical analysis to long-term forecasting, helping your company remain competitive, efficient and profitable.



EBW has provided strategic advice to leading firms in the energy sector for more than thirty years, playing a key role in developing innovative business structures for major energy transactions, and transforming state and federal energy and environmental policy.

EBW has helped expand access to the transmission grid, increased competition in wholesale and retail electricity markets, and ensured rate recovery for major capital expenditures for environmental compliance.

Get the most up-to-date and in-depth market coverage available, provided by our expert and experienced cross-disciplinary team of energy and policy specialists, attorneys, economists, and meteorologists.

Our team of experienced consultants will work alongside your business to identify challenges, mitigate risks, and help you meet your growth objectives.

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"Andy Weissman truly understands the rapidly changing dynamics of natural gas and power markets."

Matthew R. Simmons | Author, Energy Industry Investment Banker, and Former U.S. Energy Advisor

"Indispensable for every substantial consumer or producer of energy, or for any investment manager who wants an industry insider’s take on the market."   

Aubrey K. McClendon | Founder, Chesapeake Energy