Electricity and natural gas price and storage forecast calculator.


This fast and reliable model correctly assesses natural gas prices under any given weather, supply and demand scenarios.



More than fifty proprietary algorithms quantify the potential impacts of shifts in weather and supply on the electricity and natural gas markets.

Energy Price Forecasting Calculator

Natural gas producers, traders and large users of natural gas trust our balanced, independent scenario analysis model to:

  • calculate natural gas price forecasts
  • project natural gas storage levels
  • forecast electricity demand
  • assess coal displacement

Sapphire lets users quantify future price impacts of shifts in weather, supply, demand and other market drivers on natural gas and electricity. 

  • use on PC, Mac or tablet
  • download output to Excel

Results are available in any desired degree of granularity, and are kept strictly private

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Natural Gas Price and Storage Forecasts

Sapphire delivers accurate results within minutes, calculated to any desired degree of granularity.

Users choose from zoom-able, interactive graphics and data tables that can be downloaded and saved as Excel files. See how in our video. Our fast and reliable model:

  • correctly assesses natural gas prices under any given weather, supply and demand scenarios – from now through the end of 2018
  • calculates natural gas burn and storage, coal displacement, and electricity demand
  • lets users create unlimited scenarios
  • easy to use with any Web browser

Use our presets – or your own assumptions – about natural gas production, demand, coal prices, and weather, to create scenarios in a few easy steps.

Mix and match scenario criteria, and revise and run scenarios until you're satisfied with your risk assessment.