Key ISO-NE Electricity and Natural Gas Market Catalysts

Major Trends Shaping New England Power Sector in 2019
From fuel security to grid resiliency to batteries and wind growth, learn about the issues that will define 2019:

  • In 2018, FERC approved significant changes to the capacity auctions in ISO-NE, and moved New England closer to valuing "fuel security," or the ability for power plants to store fuel onsite 

  • In 2019, those fuel security and grid resilience debates are likely to intensify alongside continued discussion over the retirement of coal and nuclear plants 

  • ISO-NE is required to file long-term capacity plans at FERC by June – with a commission more friendly to coal and nuclear interests

    Learn how to navigate these challenges at our one-day conferences, led by national power and gas expert Andy Weissman and held in an intimate classroom-style setting. Register and save $100!

We help industry leaders understand these fast-paced developments and their impact on electricity and natural gas prices. Join us for up-to-the-minute forecasts, independent market analysis and detailed insights, and enjoy networking breakfast and lunch.

Feb 7, 2019 – 8:30am to 4:30pm | Embassy Suites, Waltham MA | Register by Feb 2: $175 | After Feb 2: $275

Conference Overview

Morning Agenda:

Primer on Electricity and Gas Markets, Capacity Market Reforms and Other Key Developments

  • ISO’s changing fuel and generation mix

  • ISO’s current capacity market reform efforts and likely impacts on consumer energy costs

  • Why ISO capacity market structure may change the future for nuclear, gas, and renewables

  • How the Trump administration’s new emissions regulations may impact regional fuel security and slow the generating fleet transformation

  • Why the potential for federal intervention in support of coal and nuclear may upend the ISO’s market outlook

  • Likely future changes to FERC and ISO rules—and how to plan for them now

Afternoon Agenda:

Electricity and Natural Gas Price Forecast

  • EBW Analytics' market and price outlook—and gas and electricity procurement recommendations—through Cal 2020

  • Analysis of recent price spikes and the risk of repeat

  • Natural gas pipeline constraints and regional gas supply adequacy

  • How natural gas prices impact electricity prices paid by large energy consumers

Who Should Attend: This electricity and natural gas program is designed for electricity aggregators, brokers, and consultants; electricity suppliers; large commercial and industrial electricity and natural gas consumers; electrical utilities and co-ops; traders; regulators and policy makers; attorneys; power plant owners; natural gas producers; hedge funds; and distressed debt investors.


ABOUT THE SPEAKER    Andy Weissman is CEO of EBW AnalyticsGroup and widely regarded as one of the premier energy market analysts in the country. Using the proprietary tools EBW Analytics has developed for analyzing energy market fundamentals, he has consistently been among the first to spot emerging market trends, accurately predicting major price shifts long before they occur. EBW AnalyticsGroup has been providing independent energy market analysis and research since 2003.  Andy is also a FERC attorney with three decades of experience, and serves as Senior Counsel for Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.

BONUS   Slides will be emailed after the program; attendees will also receive a free edition of Energy Risk Report — the only market and purchasing assessment for large electricity consumers.


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