Key PJM Electricity and Gas Market Catalysts

Andy Weissman, leading national expert on US electricity and natural gas markets, presents a special program that focuses exclusively on PJM for the balance of 2018 — and beyond.

September 27, 2018 — 9:30am to 4:30pm — Q&A 4:30 to 5:30pm  |  Register by 09/14: $175, after 09/14: $275

Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square | 220 South 17th Street | Philadelphia PA 19103

Primer of PJM Electricity and Gas Markets, 9:30-12:30

Learn about the structural underpinnings of PJM’s wholesale power market.

Networking Buffet Luncheon, 12:30-1:30 

Key Price Drivers for Electricity and Gas Markets in PJM — 2018 and Beyond, 1:30-4:30

Understand how current state and federal regulatory decisions are laying the groundwork for PJM’s energy future.

Q and A, 4:30-5:30 



Primer of PJM Electricity and Natural Gas Markets

  • Overview of PJM Electricity and Natural Gas Markets:

    • PJM’s current electricity and capacity market design

    • Regional supply/demand fundamentals, incl. the link between electricity and natural gas prices

    • The transforming regional fuel and generation mix

    • Role of PJM versus FERC and state utility commissions

    • Potentially inadequate pipeline infrastructure in eastern PJM

  • Primary Regional Price Drivers:

    • Factors influencing price volatility, incl. gas pipeline and storage dynamics

    • Eastern PJM’s exposure to severe price spikes and power outages during the winter

    • Capacity Performance standards and PJM’s pending capacity market reforms

  • Hedging Strategies

    • How to assess and minimize price risks

  • Other Key Issues in PJM

    • Baseload retirements and state intervention

    • The impact of EPA’s new emissions regulations on coal plants

    • Long-term implications of solar, offshore wind



Key Price Drivers for PJM Electricity and Gas Markets

  • Regional natural gas and electricity price forecasts for fall 2018 and winter 2018-19

  • Causes of last winter’s extreme electricity and natural gas price spikes, and the high-level climatological factors likely to produce similar conditions in the future

  • Adequacy of regional gas supply in eastern PJM

    • The impact of baseload retirements on fuel security and diversity

  • Impact of changes in FERC and PJM Rules

    • Capacity market overhaul

    • Fuel security initiative

  • Long-term role of:

    • Thermal retirements

    • Growing renewable generation

    • Energy storage

    • Offshore wind

    • Energy efficiency and demand response

    • Expansion of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

    • Likely future changes in FERC and PJM rules



WHO SHOULD ATTEND   This special PJM electricity and natural gas program is designed for electricity aggregators, brokers, and consultants; electricity suppliers; large commercial and industrial electricity and natural gas consumers; electrical utilities and co-ops; traders; power plant owners; natural gas and oil producers; hedge funds; and distressed debt investors.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER    Andy Weissman is CEO of EBW AnalyticsGroup and widely regarded as one of the premier energy market analysts in the country. Using the proprietary tools EBW Analytics has developed for analyzing energy market fundamentals, he has consistently been among the first to spot emerging market trends, accurately predicting major price shifts long before they occur. EBW AnalyticsGroup has been providing independent energy market analysis and research since 2003.  Andy is also a FERC attorney with three decades of experience, and serves as Senior Counsel for Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.

BONUS   Slides will be emailed after the program; attendees will also receive a free edition of Energy Risk Report — the only market and purchasing assessment for large electricity consumers.


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