Analysis and forecasting to support your short, mid- and long-term strategic planning.

The EBW teams provide detailed analysis and forecasting for natural gas producers, natural gas and electricity users, traders, and investors.

Our experts deliver the information you need to understand short, mid- and long-term trends as well as informed commentary and analysis on the market outlook – to enable you build robust plans for your business and prepare you for the future. Learn more.

Use EBW analysis and forecasting to:

  • Understand where markets are heading
  • Review your market position and identify new opportunities
  • Gain insight into price margins and their impact
  • Make more informed mid- and long-term production or commercial decisions

EBW reports focus on pricing trends that let you:

  • Understand price drivers and fluctuations
  • Adapt to emerging market volatility
  • Mitigate risk using our objective analysis
  • Conduct evidence-based negotiations with suppliers
  • Settle contracts based on benchmark prices
  • Develop internal pricing models

Because we speak directly to market participants, EBW price reports and forecasts are trusted by both buyers and sellers.

The pricing information, trends and market commentary in our reports are considered to be among the most important market reference published today.

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EBW Consulting

Our advisory services are expert in:

  • state and federal energy and environmental policy
  • competition in electricity markets and access to the transmission grid
  • financing mechanisms for large energy projects
  • FERC and state PUC regulatory proceedings
  • Clean Air Act standards; CSAPR; MATS; and EPA's proposed Clean Power Rule

EBW Consulting enables businesses to address specific, long term challenges through providing robust proprietary data, on-the-ground expertise, and strategic insight across global energy markets.

Led by national energy expert Andy Weissman, EBW has been providing independent and cutting-edge analysis of global energy markets since 2003.

In addition to our consulting practice, we offer customized programs and trainings.

Natural gas producers, providers of electricity, and investment funds rely on us for:

  • On-site presentations
  • Webcasts
  • Internal training sessions of their teams
  • Long- or short-term consulting

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When the Marcellus was just a gleam in producers' eyes, we called the coming of the "shale revolution." We coined the term – was our program website – and alerted our subscribers, clients and program attendees how to benefit from its imminent, sweeping changes.

We spot change first, and we understand it. We are committed now as ever to provide the analysis and information you need to help ensure that your risk management processes are sound.

Producers, utilities, buyers, retail electricity providers, large users, funds and traders trust our analysis and recommendations to:

  • assess impacts of weather on natural gas and electricity prices
  • project natural gas storage levels
  • forecast electricity demand
  • gain more certainty when making natural gas production decisions
  • get an insider's advice on the price trajectory of natural gas

Led by energy expert Andy Weissman, EBW's research publications, energy price forecasting model, and consulting services spot and explain the important trends that move today’s energy markets.

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"Indispensable for every substantial consumer or producer of energy, or for any investment manager who wants an industry insider’s take on the market."  – Aubrey K. McClendon | Founder, Chesapeake Energy

"Fantastic insights." – Juan Pablo del Valle | Chairman, Mexichem

"The depth of EBW's knowledge regarding each facet of the natural gas and power markets is invaluable and unrivaled." – Oscar Schafer | Member, Barron's Roundtable

"The best example of the use of web-based technologies for accurate assessment of energy market risks." – Dr. Vince Kaminski | Capital Markets Consultant

"Andy Weissman truly understands the rapidly changing dynamics of natural gas and power markets." – Matthew R. Simmons | Author, Energy Industry Investment Banker, and Former U.S. Energy Advisor

"We highly value and applaud EBW's insights and perspectives." – Mark Harmata | EVP of Energy Management, Praxair USA

"Incisive and accurate." – Tom L. Ward | Founder, SandRidge Energy

"No other analyst has called it right as often as Andy Weissman." – John Sodergreen | Editor-in-Chief, Energy Metro Desk