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An Insider’s Take on Energy Markets

Energy Market Outlook - a weekly in-depth analysis of natural gas and oil markets that identifies and explains the trends that move today’s energy markets.

  • EBW AnalyticsGroup’s proprietary analysis of the impact of weather on demand for natural gas and resulting price impacts

  • Weather Decision Technologies' near-, mid- and long-term weather forecasts using their unique, established approach of Global Synoptic Dynamic Modeling

  • Proprietary set of 50+ algorithms delineating price-induced coal displacement under real-world conditions with proven accuracy

  • Expert commentary on natural gas storage incentives and seasonal storage trajectory

  • Market implications of new environmental rules – and their reversals

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For Natural Gas Producers, Traders & Buyers

Energy Market Outlook includes near- and mid-terms price forecasts, regulatory updates, and implications of geopolitical implications on gas and oil markets.

  • Analysis of drivers of natural gas supply, including drilled-but-uncompleted wells, shale decline curves, and public declarations by E&P companies

  • Assessments of latest legal decisions and court rulings affecting the natural gas, electricity, and crude oil markets

  • Pending state legislative initiatives that could impact supply and demand fundamentals

  • Major FERC regulatory updates

  • Analysis of the impact of generation retirements, new builds, and fuel conversions

  • Assessment of the impact of growing zero-carbon generation on market clearing costs for electricity and natural gas

  • Published weekly; approximately 25 pages long