Analysis and forecasting to support your short, mid- and long-term strategic planning.


Energy Market Outlook integrates the premier natural gas market analysis with cutting-edge weather forecasting.

Includes discussions of key variables expected to influence gas, electricity and oil prices, expert outlooks for future development and a wealth of hard-to-come-by knowledge on the impacts of new power plant restrictions and geopolitical developments.

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Energy Market Outlook reports are available in three tiers for a customizable, comprehensive data and analysis package that truly meets your needs:

  1. DAILY. Daily summaries of weather and market drivers; includes our renowned Market Quick Takes. delivered before the markets open on Mondays. Try now.
  2. WEEKLY. Must-have, in-depth weekly reports with an analysis of key near- and mid-term developments. Try now.
  3. SEASONAL + MONTHLY. Detailed, in-depth monthly and seasonal assessments with a long-term view. Try now.

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The daily report supplies a snapshot with the latest weather and natural gas price forecasts, and relevant commentary on near-term market drivers.

The first daily report of each week is our renowned Market Quick Takes, delivered before the markets open on Mondays. Free trial.

The weekly report provides you with a round-up of key near- and mid-term developments, as well as independent, verifiable natural gas price and weather forecasts for the U.S. energy market.

Our in-depth monthly and seasonal reports let you correctly assess natural gas prices under detailed weather, supply and demand scenarios. With an independent and experienced analysis of U.S. and global energy markets, their focus is on mid- and long-term trends.



For Natural Gas Producers: Hedging and Risk Assessment

For Electricity and Natural Gas Purchasers: Hedging and Risk Assessment

For Traders: Market Assessment and Risk Benefit Analysis

For Investors: Market Analysis and Timing Decisions

  • More accurately assess the supply and demand balance – particularly the often miscalculated supply side of the equation
  • Understand weather-related risks with a greater degree of confidence – and specificity – than from any other source
  • Correctly calculate the potential impact of higher-than-expected supply and deviations from normal weather on the market-clearing price of natural gas


"Indispensable for every substantial consumer or producer of energy, or for any investment manager who wants an industry insider’s take on the market."   

Aubrey K. McClendon | Founder, Chesapeake Energy

"No other analyst has called it right as often as Andy Weissman. A must-read."

John Sodergreen | Editor-in-Chief, Energy Metro Desk


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