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Electricity brokers and agents are on the cutting edge of energy deregulation. Deregulation laws allowing users to determine who and how they purchase their energy exist in a growing number of states, and offer customers a wealth of options.

Because this is a relatively new—and constantly changing—field, electricity brokers and agents are mandated to help steer clients to the choices that provide the best reliability and price for their business strategy.

We recognize that information about the field is disparate, which is why we have consolidated here for you so you can be the best prepared to serve your customers and your market.
This Market Primer is designed to provide a basic background and understanding of the marketplace, to provide you with the tools and information you need on your path to success.

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For Electricity Brokers and Users

Don't miss major market moves. Get the most up-to-date and in-depth analysis available, provided each month by our expert and experienced cross-disciplinary team of energy and policy specialists, economists, and meteorologists.

The Report is delivered in four issues every month: 

  1. The National Issue, with market highlights; implications of weather on prices; electricity and natural gas purchasing recommendations; analyses of new power plant restrictions, seasonal trends, and developing geopolitical impacts.
  2. MISO and ISO-NE
  3. ERCOT and CAISO
  4. PJM and NYISO