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  • Leading weather outlooks. Get Weather Decision Technologies’ proprietary forecasts daily—and benefit from our precisely calibrated changes in expected weather-driven demand.
  • Pathbreaking energy market analysis. Leverage industry-leading assessments of supply, demand and storage fundamentals to identify price shifts—before the rest of the market.
  • Extended-range view. Analysis of three future storage weeks yields early insight into future market developments.
  • Transform. Daily demand represented as fundamentally-justifiable changes in price to gauge appropriateness of market reaction
  • Prominent market commentary. Stay abreast of what traders are thinking and reacting to.
  • Critical market developments. Concisely noted and explained.
  • End-of-season storage. Lets you evaluate current market conditions in larger context.
  • Coal displacement. Keep your finger on the pulse of price-setting mechanisms for natural gas as our proprietary models comb 50+ algorithms.
  • Updated calendar. Stay alert to market-moving events.
  • In the know. Read what major trading floors are reading.
  • Trusted. EBW AnalyticsGroup has been a reliable source of leading market intelligence since 2003, advising Fortune 500 clients on several billion dollars of both hedging and procurement strategy.

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